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tv   ABC2 News Good Morning Maryland 9AM  ABC  December 11, 2009 9:00am-10:00am EST

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good morning, maryland. i'm sherrie johnson. megan and jamie are off today. but justin berk is here with me. we're going to have a lot of fun. we have a lot going on. >> we do. we sent our wyatt everhart out to kenilworth. >> he's out there have b a fabulous time and we'll check in with him. and we've brian kuebler. he'll talk about a shopping extravaganza. you know he's in his own element out there. >> johnny unite is, and the golden arm award being given out today. and what else do we have going
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on? >> we also have potato latke. we're going to talk to chef aaron. >> latke. >> oh, okay. >> we have the festival of lights at sundown tonight and it goes for eight days and we're getting into the holiday season. >> and you're going to get us into the weather spirit and tell us about that. >> so cold out there, i have frost on the new beard. >> is that what it is? >> that's what i'm saying it is. i've earned every stripe and i'm very proud of it too. >> it looks good. maturity there. >> there is a little bit there too. keep looking. >> i'll hold off on that. i don't want that. >> enough talking about our gray. we have blue sky out there. it is mount airy. you can see the sun coming up. a chilly day but at least not in the way of any cloud cover to speak of right now. and it's likely we're going to stay mostly sunny throughout the day. just outside of the range we're
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looking at 20 degrees with winds out of the west northwest at 8 miles per hour. they've been gusting as high as 26ment but they've eased up in the last couple of hours and they're likely to build up again. and once the sun heats up the hillsides we get the stirring in the atmosphere and that will kick up the wind. windshield now 10 degrees. and if you think its just around here, we take to you rehobage beach it is 12 degrees. and we are cloud free. and we'll have a virtually cloud-free day. it's about the snow across the great lakes and we'll talk about that coming up. but for us it is a blustery day and at the best 36 degrees. but temperatures sticking around the 20s.
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and the harsh winter weather is locking up parts of the nation. arctic temperatures and a dangerous blizzard cripples some areas as there are mudslides on the west coast. viviano heartado shows us how mother nature is in control. >> reporter: mother nature isn't loosening her grip on two- thirds of the nation. in buffalo, whiteout conditions made driving treacherous. powerful wind gusts toppled a double-decker bus. two jackknifed tractor-trailers turned i-190 into a parking lot. >> i was hoping i would have enough gas to get home. >> i was getting cluster phobic in the car. >> you have to go slow. there is nothing else to do. >> reporter: the storm blew east from the midwest and with below zero temperatures set records in kansas and missouri. in wisconsin a quarter of the corn was still on the ground when the snow blankets the field.
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>> it could easily be the difference for some of those farmers between farming next year and having to get out of farming. >> reporter: in michigan strong winds downed trees and power lines, leaving tens of thousands freezing as the temperatures dipped. >> i ain't got no telephone, i ain't got no heat and i just -- it's just miserable. >> reporter: there were lighter moments. nothing, not even tundra like temps could prevent the die hard cleveland fans from cheering on their team. >> this is cleveland right here. >> reporter: in california, storms are threatening the area with mud and rock slides. >> the storm is expected to bring up to three inches of rain before it turns into snow as it continues east. viviana hurt audio. now for the trial against mayor sheila dixon. she will be sentenced on january 21st, which also could be her last day in office. the mayor was found guilty last
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week on one count that amounts to embezzlement and the charges stem from her use of gift cards intended for the needy. now according to maryland law, once the mayor is sentenced she'll likely be removed from office and in all likelihood replaced by city council president stephanie wallings blake. her lawyers intend to file a motion for a new trial and will be heard on january 26 smooth terrell sugs will be in court at 1:30 this afternoon to face domestic violence charges after a woman filed a $70 million lawsuit against him. candice williams claims suggs fathered her two children and is seeking $50 million in punitive damages and $20 million in compensatory damages. but also filed a separate complaint seeking custody of the children as well as a restraining order. williams says suggs knocked her down and poured bleach on her and their son. and as for the three-time pro- bowler, he isn't commenting right now but says he will
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eventually. kids are more and more web savvy these days. they play games work on vocabulary and work on websites. they may be opening doors to other risky sites you don't want children to see. clare shipman shows us how this is happening. >> reporter: parents might thick nickelodeon's website is worry free. robin store never thought twice about her 8 and 11-year-old using it. until she saw this. games like naughty baby sister and spank the monkey. >> i wouldn't have imagined that they could get in there so quickly and easily and see things they shouldn't be seeing. >> reporter: by clicking on the website, the kids were able to access racy and violent adult theme games. and while they were on a different website, the nickelodeon logo was still on top. how is this happening? nick links to addicting
9:07 am, another site the company owns. nickelodeon told us there is notification to signal when a user is leaving for addicting games and the company says it's constantly reviewing its policies and has hired internet safety lawyer perriaf tab and has been watching the lines between child and adult content. >> you're seeing cartoons but underneath it all it may not be. >> reporter: she took us to a site called guya online and sat down to chat and within minutes. >> he's trying to get me to kiss. >> and right now susie in vermont regularly gets questions on concerned parents on her technology show. >> kids are so technology savvy. if there is a way around it, they'll find a way. >> reporter: her biggest worry lately, the newest frontier, the newest frontier for
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handheld devises. any kid with an ipod or i touch can down load apes like virtual girlfriend. >> then you can zoom in on certain areas. >> reporter: and the devices have parental controls which use age-based ratings. we had difficult finding them and the language filter we did find didn't block this ap. >> hello, again. >> pretty suggestive. >> that was clare shipman reporting. for advice on keeping your kids safe online, head to and go to links mentioned on air. ladies, there are jewels scattered across annapolis and before you go treasure hunting, you need to know a few rules and the reasons why. and here an icon of baltimore football and a hero of college quarterbacks. we learn more about this year's winner of the golden arm awards. and here at the shops of kenilworth, there is always a reason to come by and do some shopping but there is a particularly good reason to come by right now. hundreds of hours of man hours put into this work of art.
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we'll have more details coming up after this.
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if you've ever wanted to get into the holiday spirit, take a drive to towson and sule find magic, pretty lights and the sound of trains clicking
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and clacking. wyatt everhart is live at the shots at kenilworth in towson and those trains are simply amazing out there. >> reporter: it really is sherry. if there was ever a place where the christmas sense comes alive, it's here at the shops at kenilworth, home of the mighty train garden. and as the trains run their routes, you could say the smell of pizza also runs through the mall here. >> we do everything by scratch. all of the food by scratch. the pizza and the good quality food. that's it. that's the name of it. good quality food keep you busy. we have a lot of people. a lot of people come to see the gardens. a lot of children come to see it. this is a tradition.
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>> i used to come and watch the trains myself. and so now it's kind of cool to bring their kids come every year to see the trains and even people will come from out of town to see the trains and pizza and to visit santa and the shops here. >> what is your name? watch my nose princess. can you say monkey? she called me a monkey, mom. can you say turkey? that's a great one. >> it's partly our hobby and partly just something that we don't know how to stop doing. it's just a matter of evolution. we started with an initial track and we altered it every year and now we've kind of settled on one basic track plan and we try to work things around that and change things as much as possible. everything is -- i guess at age
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5 i started with trains except for a brief hiatus in the service and getting married, i'm back into it. >> reporter: we're just watching and listening at how some of the kids react to this incredible train display. bill gow, our train manager. how long has this been going on. >> this is our 21st year and it's been a tradition here at shops at kenilworth all of that time. >> reporter: 21 years? >> 21 years. >> reporter: and it keeps getting bigger each year. >> it keeps getting better each year. we can't get too much bigger. we try to change it every year and make things different. this is more of a traditional train garden, not a real scale model. but it appeals to young and old. >> reporter: and when you see
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the kids walk up, what -- we saw some of their reactions but i have to say, one of the things that young and old alike can appreciate here is the level of detail, some of the local flavor. talk about that. >> well what we try to do is put everything in place where it looks like people are doing things and things are happening. even with the ravens football field and all of the things we try to do with the local scenery, you get as much detail as you can and still put in a lot of flavor for the kids like characters, cartoon characters. but you could go back 40-50 years. this is more like a traditional train christmas garden. >> reporter: how many trains are running here at one time? >> we have 7 trains running at one time. it's not a lot, but when they're running 12 hours a day, constantly, they're operating the entire time the mall is open. >> reporter: and the kids can push buttons as they go along
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the side here and make things happen on the tracks? >> we try to put as many buttons in as we can to be interactive with the train garden. the kids love it. they fight over it and the parents have to drag them away from it, screaming. >> it's easier to get the kids come shopping with mom and dad if thats with a problem. >> i think it's a lot easier getting them here but a lot harder getting them out. >> reporter: another thought, what goes into this? i'm told its like ten baltimore guys in here for 12 hours at a shot. talk about the effort to create this. >> well we don't all put 10-12 hours in a day. some of us do. we bring in a lady from california, georgette robinson does a great job on the scenery and we have 7 of us normally here on a basis. it's a real commitment for
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everyone involved. we have three weeks to build it from scratch, so it takes a lot of time and effort. but in the end, it's all worth it when you can stand back and watch the kids and parents talk about it and the kids love it. >> reporter: and there is a couple of youngsters over there right now. i think we can show them being enthralled by the train garden. a very baltimore thing here. and it's at the shops at kenilworth. you have to come check it out and bring the kids out and do some shopping. a great way to beat the cold right now. >> absolutely. it's warm in here and we have plenty of food for people to eat and it's a great place to shop. we love it here. we've been here 21 years. >> reporter: well, bill, thank you so much. we appreciate your hard work for 21 years. we'll head back to justin berk now. quite a scene here at kenilworth and some cold you want to get out of. >> you're the lucky one in the middle of all of that. and three weeks to build, i
9:18 am
wonder how long it takes to take apart. you can ask that? how long to pack that stuff up when you're done. >> reporter: bill, how long does it take to take this thing down? >> it takes a day and a half to take it down. it takes the weeks to build it. >> a little quicker to take it down. >> it's not a lot of brain work taking it down, but when we're building it it takes time to set up scenes. >> reporter: there you go, justin. >> and i could do it in a day and a half and you wouldn't find where anything is located. well thanks down there. we're trying to get into the holiday spirit. we have the cold air. we're at 25 degrees. we have warmed things up in the baltimore area. at least we're trying to come off the bottom. we're watching 25 up towards philadelphia and at 31 in richmond. and most places to our west where the sources of the cold air continues to flow across the mountains into the teens. and you have the storms depart
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and the clouds break and we're dealing with sunshine and we ooze in the core of the cold air and through tonight and tomorrow morning. 14 is what it feels like when you calculate the wind with the current temperature. we're looking at satellite which is virtually clear. you shift your focus up to the north and it's a different story. you saw the video outside of buffalo, where south of buffalo basically orchard park where the bills play, picking up about two feet of snow, heavy snow extending to the north side of syracuse. so these are amounts we picked up last night so we're tagging on maybe double that for today and tomorrow. for us just a blustery and dry wind. watch that system ease up over the weekend but watch another one come up from the south. this will push the warm air into the region with a precipitation. and our computer model at 8:00, some models bringing in snow and sleet in the morning and then it will turn over to rain in the afternoon.
9:20 am
36 degrees as we head through this afternoon as our 2-degree guarantee but the winds will make it feel like the mid-20s. tonight down to about 18 and a week peek at the weekend forecast, look for increasing clouds through tomorrow afternoon at 29, 25 overnight and we could start with snow and sleet and minor accumulation on sunday if it gets in early enough. but should be to rain in the afternoon and for the ravens game at 35. 49 and rain on tuesday. back in the 30s by the middle of next week with flurries. and we'll be right back after this. stick around. ultimate holiday gift -
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now to the economy and the struggling housing market. more than 300,000 homeowners received a foreclosure notice last month. that's down 8% from october. but up 18% from a year ago. and across the country, many homeowners are in deep distress. but as abc 2 news betsy stark tells us, the life shattering loss of a home for a family can be a life changing chance for another. >> that's the bedroom. >> reporter: valley and marty cox feel awkward about how they came homeowners. >> i feel about -- for that family because they lost a house and my heart goes out to them. >> reporter: but it's been the opportunity of a lifetime for them. >> every time i drive up the driveway, i'm like wow. i'm amazed. >> reporter: earlier this year this family were living in a
9:24 am
small mobile home until a 50% surge in home prices sparked by ad into of foreclosures put a price of a house within their reach. >> reporter: foreclosures homes have become such a hot selling commodity in southern california, that homeowners find themselves in bidding wars. >> reporter: the coxs bid on 20 houses before getting this one. often losing out to investors like rob roseel, who can pay all cash. >> most people would not have wanted to stay the night in this property. that's its condition this property was in. >> reporter: at the peek of the market, this house was valued at $470,000. roseel bout it for $135,000, spent $75,000 fixing it up and got 3 offers above the asking price within two days. >> the net profit? >> roughly about 15 on this property. >> reporter: this house is his next project. >> what do you say to people that say you are taking
9:25 am
advantage of somebody else's misfortune. >> i feel i'm offering this community a service. i'm taking this eye sore and turning it into what you just saw. >> reporter: valley and marty cox are glad to be celebrating this christmas in their new four bedroom, three bathroom dream house. >> it was just a miracle to us. it was really -- it was just a blessing that we were able to get this place. >> reporter: betsy stark, abc news, alpine, california. well tis the season for shopping. and we're checking out the shopping destinations around our area today. and one of those great shopping destinations, right here at chops at kenilwor towson. a lot to do here besides shop. we'll show you a significant draw for the holidays, coming up after the break. closed caption is brought to you by luna.
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> back 2005 their store was destroyed by fire and four years later zachary's jewelers in annapolis is back onits feet. and now employees want to
9:29 am
their appreciation by scattering jewelry across town. don harrison shows us ho >> we have been the recipient of annad lis anfrom the pele and the community of the city of annapolis a tragedy we had a few ago, we thought this might be the ye to really y baas as we could duringthe holiday season. movebegan this pay it forward ice from $50 $1,500. 150 what we've done is placed these bags randomly throughout the , rkenunes, r trees,and a little card on the bag and it tells the person that they ha been -- they're threcipient
9:30 am
plac ndomlyhese bags to be identicatwins found the bag and out shopping with their father and both were trying to determine who was going to get the gift and thenthey realized that the personat should be receiving the gift was their mom. they have a $1,000.14 karat gold bracelet 're taking over to the market house. i think the first reaction is someone mavejustft the bag there and they're just hanging around and will come back and pick it up. bag immediately r someone's bee a while and eysee the g is still there, then curiosity catches the cat. >> that's all yours. you do with it what you wish.
9:31 am
>> i thk that right nice. my wife will appreciate this. werescattereall around town. and if you find one, pass it along. well we all know that the shopping season is in full gear thut roughothe area, but it's more than just shopping at area stars like wal-mart, target or smshops, the unique on d the and we wanted to find those places as well. so we sent wyatt everhart to the shops at kenilworth to find a once of a kind experience. what are you finding? >> reporter: even us weather guys liketo do unique shopping. big box stores only offer so much. you can't find the truly unique gifts there like you can find here at the bean. and i'm joined by indian ann. >> idy and ann. and we're at e bead. i'm mixed up here. we're at the bead.
9:32 am
and you can see the beads. and so many unique things here. and we want to take a tour. tell me a little t about some the things that you have here and about your store. >> well wonderful. we've been in business over 42 years. and we've evolved from a unisex hippie store to a wonderful hing boutue for women in the city of baltimore. >> and we cater to all ages. we have four generations women shopping together and we have grandmother, mothers, daughters and granddaughters ere ping together. th something for erybody here. >> reporter: and one of the first things that strikes you is not just how unique the garments look, but the colors. talk about the role that you envisioned color playing here and just what people can find here that they just probably can't find hardly anywhere else. >> each woman has her own pallet. a wear a lot of black and red but every woman has a special
9:33 am
look that they love but we've done this year and past three years is specialize in scarves. you can wear an all blackout fit and throw in a beautiful red scarf and be done. >> reporter: we can see the scarves along the wall here. people coming out for the holiday season, will they find great deals here. >> absolutely. the patch mears are 2 for $25 and th are a nice gift. >> and the hottest gift is the eternity scarf and those are 2 for $4. and we have fabulous jewelry, watches. >> we'll get a shot of that. >> reporter: this is a very unique jelry here. >> and it looks very expensive but it's not. that the best part of it. we keep it all under glass, but it's -- almost everything is under $30. there is very little here over $30. >> reporter: and very unique beads as well, as you would expect. >> and we have a lot of hand- made beads that only we specialize in. and of course, again, the price
9:34 am
is under $30 and that's very hard to find. and we have sterling silver as well. but all of the jewelry complements the clothes. and so it's one-stop shopping really. >> reporter: idy and ann here at the bead, thank you so much for the tour. if you want some unique gifts and some great deals, come on down and be sure to check them out. for abc 2 news on the ve, m wyatt everha. >> thank you, wyatt. and the shopping season is over. the real reason for th holidays is celebrating the religious reasons. but coming up, the religious lines are starting to blur for many americans. re why mod more people are attending serves in more than one place. and it's time to dine. and in honor of han accu, we'll learn about the potato latke. wow, is this... fiber one honey clusters? yes.
9:35 am
it's delicious. delicious. i know. but it can't have... can't have about half a day's worth of fiber?
9:36 am
i assure you it does. i was expecting... expecting sawdust and cardboard? i know. i can only taste... only taste the crunchy clusters, honey, and brown sugar. no madam, i don't have esp. ok. i'll take a box, but you probably already knew that. (announcer) fiber one. cardboard no. delicious yes.
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all over the world, people the jewifaith are tting ready to celebrate hanukkah, which begins at sundown with a candle lighting. in new york city this is a nch rush at the kosher deli. these are just a few of the erinth, whicincludes et for latkes and something we'll show you later in the show. and another item is oil and wicks for the candles. and into at amebericans eve
9:38 am
woreship. a survey has just been released showing for a growing mber of peop, there is a mix of elements and experiencethat defy labels. 35% of americans say they are attend religious services at more than one place. abc 2 news dan harris got a closer look at the change in faith. >> reporter: you might think th people sitting in the pew as long side you lieve the same things you do. but this new poll finds americans are doing a tremendous amount of personalizing. taking and picking and choosing from a variety of traditions. for exple, according to the pew forum, nearly 6 of 10 americans blend into their faith life new age practices, like astrology and eastern believes such as reincarnation and yoga as a spiritual and not just a physical practice. >> what we're finding here that
9:39 am
we haven't known before w much americans mix and match their religious beliefs and practices. that is how often people who are regular church-goers believe in things like astrology or reincarnation. >> reporter: the new pollsays a quarter of americans attend services of a different faith. glenda was raised in a strict catholic family and still considers herself a catholic but regularly attends protestant services. >> i believe in worships with other people becausi do believe god embraces all of us, so i refuse to just ignore other people and their denominations. >> reporter: rabbi david who studies everything from dowism to martial arts leave is into meditation and yoga. >> to be able to be secure in your own root tradition that you can dabble and borrow and that you don't feel that in
9:40 am
some way it's sacrificing your >> reporter: america has always had a thriving and competitive religious marketplace but the poster -- the pollsters are surprised by the religious openness -- they're seeing now and unsure why. one believer said she's proud of her faith but god is bigger than any one religious. dan harris, abc news in scottsdale, arizona. and speaking of religion and those potato latkes. it's time to learn how to make them. we're in the kitchen with aaron gold to learn more about the very popular potato latke. and we head back out to towson on how you can give back to children and put a smile on their faces.
9:41 am
9:42 am
9:43 am
now to get back to our shopping around the area. this time we're heading to federal hill and that's where abc 2 news brian kuebler is checking out the shops. what did you find? >> reporter: it's called moon light madness. there is 26 shops here in federal hill for christmas shoppers and giving a discount. about 26 shops along federal hills main street are participating but it's only a one-night affair, only tonight from 8:00 to 12:00. and the neat part is as the hours pass, the discounts
9:44 am
continue to go up for shoppers. now joining me live to talk about this is barry warner who owns a local business in federal hill. tell me about the increasing discounts. >> starting at 8:00 p.m. tonight throughout the entire federal hill neighborhood we have over 26 different boutiques and shops that will be giving progressive discounts. the later you shop, the more you save. >> reporter: and this is an annual event down here. what do you expect to see tonight. we're in a recession. many people coming out for the discounts but you say this is a popular event? >> yes. we get hundreds upon hundreds of people walking around. this year we have extra entertainment going on, live performers, strolling musicians and all of the shops host a little bit of nibbles to eat and some wine and that sort of thing and tomorrow we have some great events going on as well. we have yule fest from 9:00 to 12:00 at mother's patio with games and free food and moon bounce for the kids and santa
9:45 am
will be there. instead of shlepping to the mall, you can have santa listen to your kids for the holiday season. this time of the year we pull out the stops to make this the best place in the area for the holiday season. >> reporter: let's put the information back up for you all. this is called moon light madness from 8:00 p.m. to midnight. and the discounts go up by 1% each hour starting at 8% and ending at 12%. and it's about 30 shops, 26 here in federal hill. and also free gift wrapping here. so come on out and support your local businesses for christmas shopping tonight in federal hill. for now, live in federal hill, brian kuebler, abc 2 news. we are going to show you just how easy it is to donate to the kinder time toy drive. wyatt everhart is live where they have a toy box to make it
9:46 am
easy to donate for you. >> reporter: one of the things we should think about when we do our holiday shopping is some of the kids that need help to get that gift and one of the ways you can do that is by donating to the kinder times toy drive. there are a variety of places you can take your toy donations. i'll rattle off a few. wmar tv studios in baltimore. you can also do it at csg east lum bard street. annapolis on forest drive. and also the maryland state police baracks accepting presents and the hippodrome, meritage lettic club and any wal-mart where you can drop off your toy donation for kids in need. remember, it is kinder time toy drive. and one last shop from the shops of kenilworth in towson. look at these little guys. they are checking out the train garden. let me tell you something, they are enthralled and fascinated. the parents will have to tear them away i fear here in the
9:47 am
next hour or two. but a great time down here. make sure to bring the kids down and check them out. and justin, you will have to bring the kids down here, especially your new one when its old enough. >> i've been there before. my oldest went down there and you're right, fascinating things. we'll try to get down there and beat the crowds because sometimes you get too many people it's hard to get upfront, like the view he has right now. that's what you want. and sometimes it does get crowded. so get early, get late and be up to the holiday season. thank you, wyatt. you shows us everything from tain to beads and our camera person has been shopping there since when -- >> the late 60s. >> you're dating yourselfment and she's leaving us now. but it is getting cold. ellicott elementary, playing indoors today. 24, feeling like 12. a 12 mile-per-hour wind.
9:48 am
a 16 mile-per-hour wind kicked back to 11 or 10 on the windchill factor. a strong push of wind that will make it feel cooler. 27 in easton. ocean city and in dover. we head back up towards york, p.a. and they're at -- they're at 22 and it feels like 9. now something we would expect in winter and if december, but it's the first time we've had it this year. so bundle up when you go outside for your last-minute shopping. a clear sky with more clouds to the south. we'll get some of the clouds moving in here over the weekend ahead of the next storm which should catch on to the tail end of some of the cold air. 36 degrees. that's our 2-degree guarantee for downtown baltimore. but i'll tell you, sometimes the cold shots tend to come in stronger than expected so this may be a struggle today. with the strong wind and despite the thermometer and
9:49 am
whether we give away a prize tonight, it's about fooling like the mid teens and 20s. we will drop into the teens tonight. our forecast 18 in baltimore. we'll have a dry day tomorrow. just want to jump ahead to show you the game day forecast for sunday. normally this wouldn't be that big of a game up against detroit but it's a must-win for the ravens and there's no doubt about that. messy conditions. we start the day with a mix. could be some left over slop turning into rain as temperatures warm and that's a loose term. 37 at kickoff and probably about 39 the high temperature on sunday. again, we could have a little bit of icy mix to start the day. minor accumulation outside of the city sunday morning but going to rain and then we'll go back to about 45 on monday and on tuesday we're looking at rain of 49 degrees and flurry to end the system on wednesday. it is 9:49 and right now let's go over to the other studio and sherrie is about to partake of some fine culinary latkes. >> you are right about that.
9:50 am
it smells so good in here. and now it's time to dine. i am here with chef aaron gold. he's with gold catering and it smells so good. what are we cooking up today. >> we have our hanukkah special with potato latkes. one of the european traditions that came over with everyone to have this as a special meal once a year because there is more preparation involved in the side dish. >> is it a lot of preparation? >> it will take me half an hour to produce this from start to finish, from peeling my potatoes and grading down the items and then frying them individually. >> how do you get started. >> well you take your potato and we're going to grade it down. can i use a hand grader to get the consistency i want. a lot of people use a food processor. >> and i see you have water in there. did you leave that in there for
9:51 am
a specific time. >> when i peel it i try to keep it a good color because it turns red rapidly. and once you rinse the potato and strained it off and put it back in your bowl, then you grade some karat and carrot and mix it. you have some onion to add to it, and you have some butter or margarine, whether you want to use either or. you have milk or chicken brother as moisture, milk and salt and pepper the taste. and you put it all together. and if you walk with me over here, we have a pan ready to go. >> that's a big pan. >> this is what i do. >> i believe you. >> so we have some formed up already. and we're going to put it in the hot oil and start cooking. >> look at that. >> you shape it a little bit. >> and these take about how long to cook? >> well they -- depending on how big you make them and i'm
9:52 am
trying to make them larger than you should probably. but i like them big. they make a better plate presentation when they're larger. and i can actually form it a little bit more once you put them in the oil. >> oh, look at that. >> they look free form and that's what i like. then we'll cook them on a side, 4-5 minutes on a side. and when i make them bigger like this, i'll put them in the oven for a few minutes to take the moisture out of the center because they have raw egg. if you smash them thin you wouldn't have to do that, but i like them with the size. >> is that medium heat? >> low heat is good because you want the potato to cook and it will take a little while. but 4-5 minutes. >> it's sizzling. >> sizzling is good. sizzling is my business. so i think that this will turn in about two minutes and what you'll get is a pretty golden brown on the outside. and once i get it off the pan,
9:53 am
i put it in the oven on parchment paper and a sheet and i'll give it another 10 minutes at a medium temperature, 300, just to finish it to make sure there is nothing wet in there i don't like. >> and what can you eat these with? >> we are having the traditional sides, sour cream and apple sauce. and if you're having a meal at night, often served with brisk you the and you'll use apple sauce or just eat them place. >> they smell good. they look so good there. oh, my goodness. >> these are just fresh. >> well i'll tell you what, you can just log on to and you can get the recipe here. and also look at the segment if you caught it, and we will be right back. i'm going to chomp into some of these.
9:54 am
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tomorrow in honor of one of the best quarterbacks in history, another pretty good college quarterback will be honored for his accomplishments. the johnny unite us golden arm award will be handed to colt mccoy. so the best senior quarterback in the country and he becomes
9:57 am
the latest in a long line of talented quarterbacks to win the golden arm. mccoy has set many records, including the most wins in a career. the award will be given out at sports legends at camden yards. congratulations. >> and he won the heisman. >> very nice. and we earned some good company there. look at that picture. >> we had some time to spare. we just got some cards in. and these are going out. that is my baby son alex and marie one month old today. and the announcements are coming by his brother. so be grateful whether it's your holiday tonight or coming up. happy holidays to all of you. strong winds today, winds and chilly tonight and as we head through tomorrow and sunday, 39 both days, i think that sunday starts with a wintry mix going into rain in the afternoon. >> thanks for joining us on good morning maryland at 9:00 and have a great day. rachael ray is up next.
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